Last month, I co-hosted a workshop called Uncover the Beauty of Your Spirit with the amazing Charlotte Speller.  It’s not a theme I would have explored alone, as this connecting to Spirit stuff is still pretty new to me, but I trust Charlie. And it turns out I know a lot more about it than I thought.

So what is your Spirit? And how do you connect to it? This is still something I find hard to define in words, but I know how it feels when I do something that delights my Spirit. On Easter Sunday, we had a group of friends round with their children and passed the time laughing, strolling and eating together. That. On Easter Monday, Chris and I took the kids and Wolfie walking in the mountains. That.

One of the best decisions of my life was making a career out of something that delights my Spirit. Yoga is a great way to get more in tune with your body, and through that, your mind and Spirit. I strongly believe that we spend so much of our life working, we really should try to find a job that makes us feel good.

Moving to France was another top decision as here, Chris and I have more time and space to find and pursue things that we enjoy. Making music is something that has come late to both of us, but now the whole family spends Wednesday afternoon at music school. Chris is learning the bass guitar, Tana the saxophone, India the piano and I sing and drum.

As adults, life often gets in the way of us exploring things that we enjoy. But doing things that delight your Spirit makes you happy. And is there anything more important than that?

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