Jacky and Jocelyne from Ardennes, France:
Merci pour votre entière confiance à notre égard ainsi que pour le copieux repas et petit déjeuner.

Aki, Black Fez Motorcycle Club, from Hereford, England:
Lovely night. Great hospitality. Brilliant. Vive la France!

Rev, Black Fez Motorcycle Club, from Hereford, England:
The pilgrims made some lovely Calvados which we drank whilst singing Hallelujah!

Alain from France:
Merci pour le calme, la tranquilité et la qualité de l’accueil.

Audie et M. Claude from Lyon, France:
Merci pour la qualité de votre accueil. Tout est parfait.

Lidwine from Holland:
Prima plek! Goed on hier te zyu. Dank!

Jean-Paul from France:
C’est top! Tout est super. Merci. Bonne continuation.

Almuth and Ruth from Germany:
Quelle trouvaille: accueil chaleureux, équipement parfait, bonne initiative, ambiance sympathique. Merci beaucoup!

Wivine from Belgium:
Merci pour l’accueil chaleureux et pour ce gite beau et propre! Good luck.

Bruce and Penny Matheson from Bude, England:
Great – thanks!

Odile and Viviane from Bordeaux, France:
Merci pour votre accueil chaleureux. Nous avons été cocconés et bien nourries. Merci encore.

Pascal and Alain from France:
Merci pour l’accueil et le repas. Nous repasserons pour le clafoutis… Merci.

Martine from Lille, France:
Merci beaucoup pour cette jolie halte offerte. Calme, accueil, bonne table.

Jonathan and Geva from Paris and Montreal:
Very comfortable and hospitable. Felt at home. Personable and welcoming. Thank you 🙂

Didier from Saint-Mandé, France:
Gite très agréable et calme, so nice. Accueil chaleureux et good cooking! Thanks.

Jean-Noel et Rejeanne from Montreal, Quebec:
Quelle hospitalité! Merci pour ce pi chaleureux accueil. Many thanks and good luck.

Brigitte et Marie from Beziers, France:
Chris is masterchef, super accueil chez Coulson de plus un joli parcours de vie, une histories familiale. Merci.

Elisabeth et Jean-Michel from Colombes, France:
Bien bonne étape, dans des chambres et un environnement bien beaux, avec un accueil sympathique. Merci.

Claire, Ricky, Tilly, Vinnie and Marcie from Norwich, England:
Many thanks for such an inspirational holiday. We all had such a lovely time and will look forward to another visit in the future. Good luck with your many guests and growing business.

Edwina, Lee, Dillon and Rowan from Norwich, England:
We LOVE Happy Coulson! Thank you for such a fantastic time in a beautiful setting, meeting great people xxx

Jackie, James, Megan and Sam from Norwich, England:
Wow, what a wonderful place with wonderful hosts. 100% fab.

Andrea, Peeder, Kyla and Niall from Norwich, England:
Thanks! Had a fab time, lovely spot, food and people. Will be back when baby 3 is Niall’s age!

Anais et Gauthier from Toulouse, France:
Merci pour cet accueil et cet endroit magnifique. Les enfants ont adoré le trampoline et la piscine. Un petit plus!! Super!! Petit déjeuner extra!! On reviendra!! Merci pour tout!!
Thanks for the warm welcome and magnificent location. The children adored the trampoline and pool. Incredible breakfast. We’ll be back. Thanks for everything.

Valérie and Jean-Philippe from Toulouse, France:
Happiness is Happy Coulson! Un grand merci pour votre accueil.

Laure from France:
Accueil et cadre incroyable! Ca va se savoir vite 🙂 Merci.

Jobien from Holland:
🙂 The best place and sweetest people I could possibly have found!

Claudine and Lolita from France:
Merci et bravo. Clean and friendly. Bonne chance pour toutes les années futures.

Frederic and Lauran from Bordeaux, France:
Quelle merveilleuse étape!!! Merci pour votre accueil très chaleureux et notamment le lever à 5 heures pour nous préparer ce petit déjeuner de roi! (Le meilleur que nous avons eu depuis notre départ!!!). Peut-etre à bientot pour un stage de yoga!!!
What a fabulous stop! Thank you for your very warm welcome and especially for getting up at 0500 to make us this breakfast fit for a king (the best we’ve had since the start!). Perhaps see you soon for a yoga retreat!

Jasmine from Belgium:
Lucky me, I didn’t end up in Vidouze cause this place made my day! Thanks for giving me laughters, peace, joyment and the love of a lovely family. Keep up doing the good work. Especially for pelèrins. See you x

La Famille Besnier from Sarthe, France:
Super! Genial! On reviendra. Merci!
Super! Fantastic! We’ll be back. Thank you!

Laurent from Quebec:
Très belle ambiance, très sympa.
Lovely atmosphere, very nice.

Simone Bozon from Lyon, France:
Merci pour votre accueil. Tout est parfait. Bonne suite.
Thanks for the welcome. Everything is perfect. Keep on keeping on.

Josef from Germany:
Thank you for all. I was very nice here. Have a good time always!

Patrick from Angers, France:
Thanks a lot for all. Carpe Diem.

Nicol from Paris, France:
Escale reconfortable et très européene. Merci.
A very comfortable and european port of call. Thank you.

Herrgen from Germany:
Thank you for this nice place to stay. All the best for the whole Family Coulson! God bless you!

Vaclav and Vera from the Czech Republic:
Thanks for friendly reception. Nice place. We wish you success.

Simone from Germany:
Nice stay. Reminded me of the good old backpacker places in NZ in the early 90s. Good on you. All the best. Keep on.

Harrie from Holland:
Thank you for being able to stay here. I had a good stay. Maybe I come back for another visit.

Maurice, Québec, Canada:
Trés bon accueil. Gens chaleureux et aidant.
Very nice welcome. Warm and helpful people.

Massa, Tokyo:
Very nice home, hospitality and welcome heart. I am fully satisfy.

Mark and Lynette Dagless, Dereham, UK:
Had a great time. Fantastic location, wonderful views of mountains. Great welcome, food and incredibly comfortable. We’ll be back again in 2014!

Roberto, Italy:
La gentilezzza e ospitalita questa famiglia é veramento grande, bella casa e ottimo mangiare. Forse il migliore luogo dove ho pernottato in questo mese di viaggio. Grazie Coulsons.
This family shows great kindness and hospitality, beautiful house and fab food. Perhaps the best place I have stayed in this month of travel. Thanks, Coulsons.

Alain, Québec, Canada:
Souper fantastique (boeuf bourguignon), accueil chaleureux. Merci pour tous vous avez une famille formidable.
Fantastic supper, warm welcome. Thank you for everything, you have a wonderful family.

Hans, Switzerland:
Danke fur die exellente Bewirtung.
Thanks for the excellent stay.

Stephane, France:
Trés content de cette arret. La famille Coulson sont des gens vraiment sympa. Le repas est fameux. Merci beaucoup.
Very happy with this stop. The Coulson family are really lovely people. The meal was awesome. Thank you very much.

The bikers from Venray, Holland:
We are happy to stay in this comfortable B&B with Chris and Kate. We enjoyed an perfect dinner and hospetality. We recommend this place to other Caminopilgrims. Nice place to be and friendly prices.