Marie's ZumbaOk, so this doing something new every day is proving more difficult than I anticipated. I’m doing work experience at a gym in Tarbes so I can get my English fitness teaching qualifications validated. It has been fairly arduous getting to this point, battling with the French administration, so I thought the actual teaching would be easier…

But I am being reminded, painfully, that I haven’t taught exercise to music classes for almost 10 years. And now I have to do it in French. Physically and mentally drained after teaching four classes a day, and a mentor (pictured teaching Zumba) who has yet to learn the art of positive feedback, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. But yesterday was better and I even got a pat on the back!Lahitte Info committee

I revisted another former career in the evening when I went to my first committee meeting for our local newspaper, the Lahitte Info. I was roped into this after admitting I was a journalist in a former life. It was a surreal experience with lots of “Tais-toi!” (shut up) and me trying to judge the right moment to venture forth with a tentative comment. Really enjoyed it, though, and feel honoured to have a byline in the April edition.

Another first was today giving Wolfie her spring shave. No more Dial-a-Dog-Wash for us. Two hours later and Wolfie was bare. Missing a small piece of ear (oops) but otherwise unscathed. Robert, the local farmer, said it was a very good ‘coiffure’. That’s both children and dog successfully self-sheared. Oh well, if the teaching doesn’t work out…

Wolfie pre-shaveWolfie shaved

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