Life with the CoulsonsTana

Hi, I am Tana Coulson. I live in France with my lovely house in Lahitte-Toupière. My mummy is very fun to have around and my father too. I have a sister. She is called India. India has rabbits and we have chickens and four cats. Well, that’s not true because we lost one so we have three cats, one dog and the nature because we live in the contrie said (sic). We have got one workaway and one France studiade (sic) at home. Today we are going to do a walk. 3 hours I think the walk is going to take. And after that we will go to karate then at 8.30 we will be in bed. Then tomorrow is another story. Good bye.

Life of a Pilgrim 

Life of a pilgrim must be hard. You will need to have a back pack and you will need to walk 25 or 35km. But they would see loads of views and then they will come to Happy Coulson. That is nice because Happy Coulson is Happy for Pilgrims. My father makes food for them. It is very nice Berf Boginiont (sic). Mmmmm, dellichuse (sic). They normally come in the spring or summer or automne (sic). They do not come in winter because it is too cold for them and slippery. We want to get more than 200 pilgrims a year. It’s good but we would like more than that. I like this house and my family. Happy Coulson is cool like this. Good bye again.

The End.

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