Last month’s blog was about bouncing back after falling down. This month I’m going to suggest that you regularly choose to put yourself in a position where you are even more likely to fall down!Be different

Doing things that scare you is good for you. ‘Feel the fear but do it anyway’ was our mantra when we were making the decision to give up our wonderful jobs, home and friends and move our family to a remote area of rural France that we had only visited for an hour. That was nearly three years ago and not once have we regretted our decision.

Fitness trainer, Ben Greenfield, hit the nail on the head when he said: “Be uncomfortable. Expose your body to occasional, sane amounts of natural stress and disorder. This will fight fragility, keep you alive and vibrant”. Ben is talking about developing physical resistance, recommending a 30-day cold shower challenge (sounds horrendous but I have a cold shower most mornings and I’m now addicted).

But this principle brings more than just physical benefits. Getting out of your comfort zone also revitalises your mind and soul. My cousin, Dan Eley, constantly sets himself challenges that seem unachievable for a guy in a wheelchair. Like cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats on a physio cycle, or landing a job with one of the UK’s biggest corporate speaking agencies.

Dan’s courage inspires many people to push their boundaries. My brother has just signed up to do the Born Survivor 10km military obstacle race to raise money for Dan’s charity, the Dan Eley Foundation. I’m delighted these adventure races are so popular at the moment. A fad it may be, but introducing a challenge into your normal life, no matter how large or small, can be life-changing.

Go on. Live outside the box. Dare to be different.

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