April has been a month of exploration. We spent a week in the UK as last Christmas we were given a trip to London to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. It was a wonderful show – they don’t get much better – and an experience we will never forget. But what we all enjoyed most was exploring together.

The children are still young enough to want to spend time with us and that is a gift we are making the most of. We all love walking so that is just what we did. We walked along the marshes on the south coast near Portsmouth, pausing to collect stones and shells. We walked around the centre of London, marvelling at the vitality and craziness of the big city. We walked along the River Thames to the south of London, enjoying the green spring beauty and abundance. We walked (and skated) to Victoria Park in East London, chatting and pointing out things of interest.

This world is full of cool stuff to see. And a lot of it is absolutely free. Hence the new addition to the Happy Coulson family – HappyVan (pictured here awaiting decoration). We have explored our immediate area and now want to venture further afield, towing our sleep pod behind us so we can stay away overnight. The mountains, the beach, rivers, festivals and friends. So much to see, so many experiences to come. Let’s do this.

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