The CoulsonsThis was supposed to be our August blog but we were too busy having fun! Today is La Rentrée (back to school/work) and you can already feel the difference in the air. Peace and quiet. And breathe.

Wow, what a summer. Big thanks to Abby, Pete, Sophia and Theo from Norfolk who looked after Happy Coulson and all our guests while we lived it up at the Purcell and Buxton 40th birthday parties.

Big thanks also to my mum, sister and Granny Lulu, who gave the children a wonderful week while Chris and I enjoyed the longest time together on our own for 10 years. We escaped to the mountains for open-air theatre and some extreme hiking. And ate out. Late. A lot.

We had lots of visitors in August. Was great to see Dave, Suzy, Lily and Dylan for the big Maubourguet fête. And we had our first French families camping through the Gamping website (garden camping). A huge success and the children loved having loads of different playmates.

Chris starts his new business this week – Happy Pools. He will be the ‘Pool Guy’ for 20 swimming pools. Off now to collect his new work van…

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