We are out of our depthWow, that would have been the mother of all April Fools…
But alas, it is not. We’re in week two of lockdown, waiting for the crest of the coronavirus tsunami to flood our corner of Europe. We are very lucky here. We have lots of space, inside and out. If we turn right out of our house, we walk straight into the countryside, not a road or a house in sight.

Chris still has some work as he is now allowed to open and maintain pools, as long as he doesn’t come into contact with anyone. I’ve been forced to get to grips with recording videos for my yoga students and, you know what, I’m actually enjoying it. The kids have settled into a homeschool routine and we are all enjoying spending more time together.

So yes, we are lucky. But we are still worried. Worried about our health, worried about our family and friends, worried about work, worried about the kids missing important time in school, worried about small businesses, the list goes on…

And that’s where I feel most lucky. I feel that, for the past 20 years, I have been training for this. My study of yoga, the challenges and breakthroughs, the years of self-practice and my experience as a teacher have been equipping me with an arsenal of weapons to help myself and those around me deal with the weirdness of what we are living through.

If I had to choose one weapon, I would choose awareness: awareness of your breath, awareness of how you are reacting, awareness of when you need to do something, awareness of when you need to do nothing.

President Macron said “Nous sommes en guerre (We are at war)” and he’s right. We are at war with the virus and we all need to do our bit. But I also believe we are fighting for a better way of being for us and for the world. People have been talking about this for years. When John Lennon wrote ‘Imagine’, he envisioned a more equal world where peace and love triumph. Some will call it hippy shit, others will say it will never happen so why bother. But there are positive changes that can happen as a result of this crazy sabbatical from so-called ‘normal’ life, and we should all fight hard to make them happen. Aux armes citoyens!

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