I don’t always like my 14-year-old son’s choice of music. He tends to prefer low-grade (in my opinion) American and French rap with sometimes questionable lyrics. But every now and then he finds a real belter, and this is one of them.  He played it to me last week, when I was feeling pretty shitty, and it genuinely made me smile, inside and out. Just perfect for a sunny Sunday after a couple of weeks of rain.

Now, I know that a couple of weeks of rain is nothing to complain about when Britain said goodbye to the sun last September, but it has reminded me how the weather can influence how you feel. I’m just back from a dog walk with our two blonde bombshells and I quite literally feel sunny.

Feeling and seeing the sun come out after a while behind grey clouds is joyful. Actually, it’s rather how I feel this weekend as more than two months of Lyme symptoms seem to be lifting. As I walked this morning, I ran through the daily check I use to chart my progress:
Knees? Ok
Headache? Ok
Cape of doom (sore neck and shoulders)? Ok
Brain fog? Ok
Nausea? Ok
Chronic fatigue? Ok

Ok, so one day I’d like all of the above to be better than ok but, trust me, ok is ok for now. In fact, it’s more than ok. When I felt a rush of my normal energy come back on Thursday evening, it felt like I had drunk a huge cup of coffee (and coffee has been very much off the menu due to headaches). I couldn’t help but break into a huge smile and start giggling, which was a little disconcerting for my yoga students…

Since Thursday evening, I have really been able to enjoy life. And after a wonderful day in the mountains yesterday, eating a delicious lunch and lazing in the spa before having supper with dear, dear friends, I feel genuinely ok. No. More than ok. I am greater than the sum of my ok parts and I FEEL GREAT. (Although it is being marred slightly by the two men sawing beams outside my window. Just saying. #sundayworking).

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