To have and to Holden

Hooray, summer feels like it is finally here. Thanks to our latest guests, Abby, Pete and Sophia Holden, who clearly had the sun tied to their car as they drove through France. The Holdens were here during one of the busiest weeks we’ve had (pilgrims, cyclists and new classes a-go-go), which could have been really hard work. But they were always there to help out, whether with concreting, kids or learning Zumba. We miss them already and can’t wait for their return trip.

Also in the photo are our new Liverpudlian workaways, Craig and Hannah. Keen to try their hands at anything, Craig is like the Duracell Bunny and Hannah has already demonstrated many talents, being gifted at both digging the potager and cleaning. We look forward to another four weeks with these two.

Are you my daddy?

The kittens are now six weeks old and growing up fast. We have hopefully found homes for all of them, thanks to the wonderful website, Le Bon Coin – the French equivalent of  Gumtree. Ebay isn’t big here at all so Le Bon Coin is king, selling everything from chickens to yachts.

India’s current favourite kitten is this wee one – named Coco by our Kiwi friend Allyson, who tried and failed to convince her husband they could take one home to New Zealand.

We still don’t know who’s the daddy. If I hadn’t taken Happy Cat here to be castrated myself I would put money on him. He does look as though he wants to eat them every now and then, though. Not sure if that’s a natural paternal feeling…


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