Feeling moved to write another blog just two days after I posted my January update as it left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. I always like to be honest in my blogs, so if I feel like something the cat dragged in, you are going to know about it. (Humorous cat-dragged-in-related aside: I was in the kitchen today, folding washing, when all of a sudden a dead mouse flies up from the floor and lands on the table. Seriously. It was a moment before I realised that Gizzy the cat was under the table…).

Anyhoo, it wasn’t so much the blog that left a bad taste, but the words I used to post it: “So long, January. Goodbye and good riddance”, which rudely overshadowed the wonderful times I had last month. I didn’t even bother to share it to my own Facebook page as I just wasn’t feeling it. But after 10 hours of sleep, I woke up this morning without a headache to the sun streaming in through the windows. I was home alone, so after a barefoot morning dog stroll around our beautiful garden, admiring the snowy mountains in the distance, I decided to do an online yoga session with the gorgeous Charlie Speller.

Charlie started the session with a meditation on gratitude, which I found super easy this morning, filled with appreciation for this incredible place we call home and the warm sunshine. I was also able to remember much more vividly the magical time I had with my mum and sister last week. Thank you, angels. The last part of the meditation, which was to be our theme for the practice, was to choose an aspect of ourselves we were grateful for. I had to pause the session here, to really let this percolate. It wasn’t easy but I eventually realised that, despite the blips, I am grateful that I am NOT going to give up fighting Lyme disease.

The word that resonated with me was ‘tenacious’, and suddenly, there I was, Tenacious K. This made me laugh out loud and I carried it with me throughout the whole practice, breathing it into different parts of my body. By the time I finished, I felt like I’d had a complete cellular recharge, my head was still clear and my knees almost normal. There followed a lovely day filled with friends and birthday cake. So thank you, Charlie Speller. Thank you, Jane Tatford and Vicky Holmes. Thank you, Chris. Thank you, friends. And thank YOU, Tenacious D, for the inspiration. May we all rock on 🙂

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