The end of a year is always a time for reflection. I am perpetually guilty of trying to fit slightly too much into each day, which results in a big backlog after 365 days… The things I want to do but don’t are usually the frivolous and fun things that don’t make money or do something for the family. So this year, I made a to-do list for my Christmas holidays of all the things I don’t have/make time for in daily life. It ranged from walking the dog to making music, cooking, crafting and spending time with new friends.

I set about this list with the same determination that sees me through the working year and I pretty much did everything I wanted to. It has been a wonderful holiday. Something that didn’t make the list but I soon realised I needed was ‘Laze around in bed/pyjamas’. The first time I tried, I got really cross as I felt guilty for wasting my precious time. The kids helped me have a good laugh about that…

Guilt is a funny old thing. I used to feel guilty about taking time off work. Not any more. I still feel a bit guilty about doing nothing. But I’m working on that.

Life is for living and we only get one of them. Work is necessary and if you enjoy your job then that’s a bonus. But there is no excuse for not doing what makes you feel good. So my new year not-a-resolution is to do more of what makes me feel good, even if it doesn’t seem to ‘achieve’ anything. And to not feel guilty afterwards.

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