Opening my birthday presents on the trampoline

Opening birthday presents on the trampoline

November is birthday-tastic at Happy Coulson (we blame Valentine’s Day). My birthday’s on the 14th, Tana’s is the 21st and Chris’ the 25th, with friends filling up the other days. This year was strange as France went into its second lockdown at the end of October. Thank goodness the weather has been outstanding since the summer. We still managed to have a lot of fun in our bubble but it was kind of irritating not being able to do whatever we wanted.

It was the first time I’d felt a bit trapped and restricted, which isn’t bad after a total of three months in lockdown this year. I wanted to have a big party and invite ALL of our friends. I wanted to take Tana trampolining, go secondhand clothes shopping at Emmaus, have a coffee in a bar, eat out in a restaurant, go to the cinema, listen to live music and go to a party somewhere other than at Happy Coulson. I wanted to be able to go anywhere I wanted, at any time, without having to make it fit one of the boxes on the ‘attestation’ we are legally obliged to carry.

We’re still in lockdown until 15 December but shops are open and we’re allowed to travel up to 20km for the purpose of exercise, for a total of three hours. When lockdown lifts for the festive season, the 9pm curfew comes back in, which, if I’m honest, makes me feel like a moody teenager. Who are they to tell me I have to be home at 9pm? I’m 47 years and two weeks old. We do get two curfew-free nights, on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so we’re planning the mother and father of all parties. But only for six people, obvs.

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