HalloweenAnother blog by Tana – he really wanted to post this before his birthday. And before Halloween but that didn’t quite happen…

I am 9 and in 19 days I will be 10 years old.
This is my liste (sic) that I like to do:
1. Writing
2. Drawing
3. Skateboarding
4. Scootering* (*made up word alert, as per David Walliams’ books)
5. Making cabanes (dens)
It is a litul (sic) liste (sic) but I like it.

My house is in the middle of nowhere but we do have some neighbours. They are having a party at their house the 31 of october. It’s Halloween. They always have a party at their house for Halloween. It’s nice because you stay up until 4am. Yesterday, I went to their house just to play with Tony and Amy but they had put the things up so I saw it. Well a bit because the window was open. It looks scarey (sic) in there.

I can’t wait for the Halloween party and my Birthday party and we are going to Engaland (sic) for my Birthday too. My Birthday is on the 21st of november but because we are in Engaland we are doing my Birthday party on the 15 of november. My mother was born the 14 of november and my dad was born the 25 of november and it is Christmas soon. Yeah!

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