What a fantastic summer we have had at Happy Coulson. We’ve been here for six years now but each year we discover something, somewhere or someone completely new and wonderful. Highlights of  August 2018 were seeing Santana at Jazz in Marciac (especially as we knew the show’s video manager, who managed to sneak out for a pre-concert drink) and the crazy Rockabilly festival Montesquiou on the Rocks, featuring the awesome Dead Elvis.

People who come here can’t believe that there is so much going on in this sleepy corner of southwest France. Even the French students who stayed for English immersion were amazed at the variety of festivals, fêtes and other activities. Considering we only spent an hour in this area before deciding to buy our house, we feel very lucky indeed!

And the people. Each year we meet more and more groovy people and find it only fitting to bring them together at the Happy Coulson shindig to celebrate the end of the summer holidays. This year, we had an eclectic mix of 66 people, French and English, young and old. Our greatest pleasure was looking around at everyone first talking to each other, then eating, singing, drumming and dancing together.

Normally, we have a relaxing ‘rentrée’ (back to school) to look forward to in September. But this year, we have a big 50th birthday party and a dance music festival in the next village the weekend after. So R&R will have to wait for a few weeks. For now, we’ll just keep on partying 🙂

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