And then it was my turn. I consider myself very lucky to:
a) Have contracted a mild strain that felt like a bad cold
b) Have lots of experience of feeling under the weather
c) Have lots of tools to help me navigate it easefully

My most helpful tools were meditation, yoga, fresh air (barefoot where possible), and cider vinegar and magnesium salt baths. I also have a wonderful network of like-minded souls to suggest other remedies, including which vitamins to take, which essential oils to diffuse, and why and how to drink green clay. Natural medicine is not an exact science, and not everything will work for everyone. But I love unearthing and experimenting with this ancient wisdom that has become lost amid the marvels of modern medicine.

My family

Tana caught it after me, also very mildly, and there were a few anxious days when we didn’t know whether we would be able to go to the UK for our postponed New Year trip…

But the gods were smiling on us, and we finally got to see my mum, my sister and my stepmum. My brother and his two boys even made it down from up north, so all the cousins got to see each other for the first time in a very long time. We went to the beach on the windiest day of the year, in the middle of three different storms. What a wonderful way to blow away the fears and isolation of the last couple of years.

We ended the trip with a couple of days in London with my stepmum, aka Granny Lulu. Always a blast.

With mum and broPunk

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