August rolled joyfully by with the help of Thanos, our Greek workaway. Thanos was my right-foot man, chauffering me around in both car and wheelchair (although he quickly learned NEVER to help push my wheelchair unless I asked!). Also a very skillful guitarist, Thanos taught me the joy of sitting under a tree, making music, rather than rushing around doing things. Most days, I would sing while he played, and we ended up with a pretty impressive setlist. So I have my broken ankle and Thanos to thank for helping me understand the importance of asking for and receiving help. Why should I deny others the same joy I get from giving?

Tana's first motorbikeAugust was also the month that saw Tana, aged still 15, get his first road wheels. Living in rural France has been, and still is, a huge bonus for our family, but teenagers want and need a bit of independence. So we were all delighted to learn that after just one day of training on a scooter, Tana was allowed to ride anything up to 50cc. Of course, the scooter didn’t have gears so Tana spent a few weeks riding around the fields, learning how to change gear without stalling. Chris and I both love bikes. Growing up, I had a three-wheeled all terrain cycle and then a scooter. Chris got his first superbike aged 16. Watching him pass on his knowledge and love of motorbikes to our son gave me all the feels.

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