November at Happy Coulson is pretty much all about the birthdays. My birthday, Tana’s birthday and Chris’ birthday. My birthday was spent on the sofa, watching films and eating gâteaux. Perfect, actually.

Tana's X-Wing Fighter cakeTana’s, as always, took the most time and energy. His ninth this year and maybe the last year he invites a big group. So we pulled out all the stops with a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter cake, a dusk treasure hunt through the spooky woods, a bonfire to cook crêpe burritos and fireworks. And homemade lanterns that used tampons dipped in petrol for fuel – failed miserably but caused much hilarity.

Chris celebrated his birthday yesterday. I say ‘celebrated’ – he had a French lesson in the morning then started to work on a laptop which belongs to a student and apparently has lots of precious homework stored on it.

Most of his birthday was spent sweating and swearing at the French laptop with its flaming French words and French keyboard. He did eventually find the solution – at 5am on the day after his birthday.

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