First plantingFirst planting in the Happy Coulson potager: potatoes and onions. Serious teamwork with our French student, Claire, making the holes, Indy dropping in the tiny onions, Tana filling in the holes and Chris in the role of farm manager!

We have bought seeds for carrots and beans and Chris is going to plant the pumpkin seeds and lemon pips he has been saving for just this occasion. We also have a fig tree waiting to join our growing orchard of apple, pear, plum and abricot trees.

New plates



The weather is still unpredictable – in fact, we had to light a fire yesterday for the first time in ages. Today’s forecast is sunshine and lightning. Apparently no rain, just lightning. That will be interesting. But as of next week things definitely look up, with temps up to 23 degrees.

Another change at Happy Coulson… our new French car! Actually just our old car with its sparkly new French number plates. Now we really do get funny looks when people see us sitting on the wrong side!

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