People who use Facebook are often criticised for only posting their best bits and not a realistic reflection of their lives, making others feel inadequate. Thank goodness, I say.

I brand myself Happy Kate Yoga and we live at Happy Coulson but that doesn’t mean I am never unhappy. What it does mean is that I choose not to dwell on the unhappiness. And if I choose not to dwell on it in my personal life, why on earth would I choose to dwell on it on Facebook?

I’m not saying that everything you post on Facebook has to be positive and happy. I think Facebook is a fantastic way to share news, and that includes bad or difficult news.

2019 has been a tricky year for many people, including me in some ways, and I have used Facebook to share my experience with Lyme Disease with my friends and family. As a result, I have been bombarded with love, as well as positive and helpful comments and actions, from all over the world.

To those who would say that my Facebook world is not a true reflection of the world, I would say that it is a true reflection of the world I choose to live in. Just as I choose to focus on the good in my own life, I also choose to surround myself (in real life and on Facebook) with people who strive to do the same.

So as I look back at 2019, I really and truly remember only the myriad good bits. And I look forward to creating many, many more in 2020 with all those I call Friend. You know who you are 😉

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