Spring may have been wet and cold here in France but we have had some baby animals at Happy Coulson, which are guaranteed to brighten up even the saddest day. India is our purveyor of baby animals, any animals, in fact. She has always loved them. Much more than humans. I realised recently that when she holds a baby animal, she makes that face. The same face women and men make when they hold a baby they love dearly. The most beautiful face in the world, in my opinion. India is adamant that she doesn’t want children. She wants to be a vet and travel around the world in a van with her four huge dogs, rescuing and caring for wild animals. And you know what, I think maybe she will.

The first kittens.

Our first batch of bunnies.









Baby degus for her 10th birthday.

With Nanny’s dog, Bruce.










Indy’s favourite chick, Willow.

The latest addition – 3 Hallewell chicks.

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