We did it. We survived crazy July. And what’s more, we all enjoyed it! I did wonder, what with my treatment for Lyme’s Disease that meant I couldn’t go in the sun, working full-time, having a French student to stay for two weeks to learn English, workaways leaving and arriving, teenage girls in our tent, Granny Lulu staying for a week, and the usual pilgrims and campers. Oh, and three triple-party weekends in a row…

Honestly, it could have been a complete nightmare. But I’m living ‘au jour le jour’ at the moment so I didn’t even let myself worry. And unbelievably, the combination of people and personalities meant the two weeks passed in a haze of fun. A massive player was the Pond of Huw and the people who inhabit it. An oasis of natural beauty where the kids swim all night and I usually hog the best swingseat in the world.

Then there were the fêtes – Lahitte village fête, Montaner medieval festival and the incredible Lahitte Retrovintage day. Add to that a couple of private parties, a day at the water park, an afternoon canoeing down the Adour, a trip to the Chateau Fort in Lourdes, a very rowdy DJ night, a picnic by the river complete with bridge jumping and a Shakespeare reading and you have our July so far. Not everyone’s cup of tea but Granny Lulu loved it. And everybody loved her.

Our workaways, Jaime from the UK and Jacopo from Italy, were just perfect. Our French student, Alex, was my favourite student ever. 17 and with a good level of English, he got on brilliantly with everyone and was a joy to teach. And Tilly and Isabella… what can we say? You brought laughter, crazy dancing and general hilarity to Happy Coulson. Can’t wait to see the rest of your family in August for more of the same. What a month. But I have to admit it was lovely when there was no one here but me, floating in the pool on a giant watermelon. Off to the UK on Thursday with the kids for 10 days seeing family, then back for a chilled August. Bring it on.

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