Ok, so I have Lyme’s Disease.  After months of malfunctioning knees, headaches and fatigue, the mystery has been solved. How I got it, however, remains an enigma as I haven’t seen a tick or bite on me for years…

I found out last Monday after a wonderful week in the UK doing a yoga teacher training with a favourite teacher and catching up with lovely friends. Trips like this are one of my greatest pleasures but this time I didn’t even want to go. I was tired, sore and didn’t want to have to face not being able to do the things I really love, like yoga and walking.

But in fact I could do both. Gently. The theme of the training was meeting your own needs, taking care of yourself, which fitted perfectly with what I have been both experiencing and teaching. One of the most important parts of the course for me was the daily meditation. I have been moving slowly towards a daily meditation practice, especially since my knees often make my usual personal yoga practice impossible. It is not easy but I am finding that sitting with what is going on inside is making a lot of sense.

I had a feeling I would come home to news as while I was in London I was unable to find out the results of my latest blood tests online. Turns out they had been sent to another lab to confirm the diagnosis. I hear my mouth saying a lot that it is good to have a diagnosis at last. And it is. And it isn’t. There is a lot going on inside my head – everyone has something different to say about the disease and there is so much unknown. But I have found a specialist in a mountain town just 40 minutes away. I am seeing Dr Médinsky next Tuesday, the day after we come back from Camp Disco, a family festival in Derbyshire organised and populated by dear friends. And I am meditating, sitting with whatever comes up. Tout va bien.

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