Wonderful first retreat in France with 14 of my lovely students at Santosha Yoga in Conilhac-de-la-Montagne. I have LOVED leading the two retreats in Morocco but it was such a treat to discover such an incredible place just three hours away. Not to mention the joy of teaching in just one language!

Before the retreat, I was a little worried that my knees would get in the way so I asked the Adourables Thérapeutes (a network of therapists from the Val d’Adour of which I’m a member) for their best suggestions. They advised me to do a fast. Just water. For six days. So I started the following day.

Not eating was easy as I had a very good reason not to. But I found the lack of energy tough going as I was still teaching full-time. I managed to get to the end but had to drink some vegetable juice during the last afternoon so I had enough energy to teach my evening class.  During and after the fast, my knees felt almost back to normal and my skin was radiant! I was able to thoroughly enjoy my retreat, especially the delicious vegan food that was the perfect follow-up. I even managed a two-hour walk with zero knee pain during or after.

What an incredible bunch of women. And Neil and Gillian were the perfect hosts. We had such an amazing time that I am already looking at dates for next year… Unfortunately, a few days after I got back my left knee had a funny turn, so I’m booked in for more tests and a trip to a Centre de Rheumatologie in Pau. But the sun is out, my mum has just been to visit, our vegetable garden is looking great, and we have a new workaway – the first 20-year-old I’ve met who knows how to put a pillowcase on properly. Happy days.

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