Grannie and Grandad in the potagerBack to school September has passed by in a flash. The kids settled straight back in – two years is proving to be a real breakthrough point in terms of language and integration.

The visitors just kept on coming, notably Chris’ mum and dad for their annual trip. It was a very busy time for us but Heather and Barry got stuck straight in and helped with everything, including the big apple and onion harvest.

We were also delighted to have a visit from my Australian relatives, Jon and Jill Holmes, who were on a tour of Europe. Chris and I stayed with them while travelling in 1997 so it was lovely to repay their kindness. Especially cool was the chance for them to meet Chris’ mum and dad, who they unwittingly took a photograph of on their honeymoon in London around 30 years ago. But that’s another story…

Happy Yoga Retreat

September saw our first wholly Happy Coulson yoga retreat – with yoga by Kate and food by Chris. It was just a day for some of my students, held at a friend’s house as our yoga studio is still a barn, but it went down a treat. We are now looking forward to the day we can host such an event…

To do that, we need a yoga studio so Chris is about to start work on a new shed complex, enabling us to empty the barn of all his tools and supplies. We also need to finish the floors and walls of the new rooms, work that was put on hold when the pilgrim season started way back in April. Lots to do, as always. Good job that’s how we like it.

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