DSC_0775_webWork, work, work. Not much rest. And lots of play. That about sums up our Happy Coulson summer so far. May, June and July saw us working harder than ever, continuing to teach yoga and welcome pilgrims, and also opening and cleaning 20 plus swimming pools and hosting three French students for week-long language immersions.

But it hasn’t been just about work. In amongst all that hard graft have been several visits by dear friends and family, which we managed to thoroughly enjoy. End of term shows and presentations were followed by a string of fêtes, festivals and fiestas. And we went to most of them!

DSC_1034_webTo cap it all off, we held a party last weekend for some of the families we have met over the last four years. An afternoon of swimming, games and festival fun was followed by an evening of dancing and live music around the fire. It was a special moment for us, as we have dreamed of a party like this at Happy Coulson. Thanks to everyone who came bearing food, drink, music and good times. Here’s to many more moonlit and music-filled soirées.

Amazing photos by our Mexican workaway, Fernando (pictured above, twirling poi).

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