Whoa. Bit late writing September’s blog as life has been throwing my family a few lemons.

Ever since we set ourselves up as The Happy Coulsons, calling our businesses Happy Yoga, Happy Pools, Happy Computers, there has been a nagging thought at the back of my mind : This happiness lark is easy when everything is going well. Despite this, I found myself teaching classes and workshops and writing blogs on how to be happy. But the last time I had to dig deep was 15 years ago, when my dad died. Would I be able to practice what I preach and would it help when things got really bad?

Well, yes, I would. And yes, it does. Phew.

When my darling sister was diagnosed with double cancer in mid-August, life for our family was turned upside down. Back and forth to the UK, to be with her as much as possible, trying to be strong for her while dealing with the heartache inside. It is not easy but I can honestly say that everything I have learned and am still learning through yoga is helping me and my family every step of the way. It doesn’t take the agony away (I still cry, even at work sometimes) but it helps me get back to the place where I can once again choose how I react and keep going. My yoga-centric life also means I am surrounded by people who are not afraid to open their hearts and share love and hope with me and my family. That stuff really works.

So, has the experience I am living at the moment changed how I see happiness? Not a bit. I taught a workshop a while ago on the formula for Happiness = Compassion + Gratitude. We are being overwhelmed by compassion and Vicky literally feels lifted up by it. And gratitude. Well, one of the first things Vicky said to me was not to be too sad as she has had a wonderful life and is so grateful. Our amazing mum taught us how to be grateful for small things – a dewy cobweb on the grass, shiny conkers, a peek of autumn sun. I know now that this formula is the most powerful medicine in the universe. And it is free. For everyone.

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