Beach funThe rhythm of life at Happy Coulson is changing. Chris has started his first season as the local pool guy – he has 20 swimming pools to clean and open before the summer. Spring also brings a steady stream of pilgrims – more than steady this year as we’ve had record numbers already. Thankfully we have had a workaway – Kristen from Kansas – to look after them. We also had four French girls to stay for a language immersion during the school holidays.

Everyone is mucking in – the kids earned their first ever pocket money by doing whatever was required, from kitchen work to feeding the animals. India can pretty much prepare and serve the evening pilgrim meal by herself now and we came down one morning to find that Tana had taken payment from a couple of pilgrims and stamped their passports before waving them off.

We all love busy – Tana says he wants to live in a hut on an island so he always has something to do – but it’s important not to be a work bore. So four days at a friend’s beachfront house for their 40th birthday was just what we needed. Sea, sand, friends and food reset the balance beautifully.

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