France slid back into confinement at the end of October, via a 9pm curfew which felt, in some ways, even more bizarre than full lockdown. We went to a bar the night before the curfew started and everyone had to leave in time to get home by midnight. All very Cinderella, with a hint of police state.

Full confinement kicked back in a week later, with the difference that schools would remain open and people who couldn’t work from home could still work. So this lockdown feels a lot less fearful and more ‘normal’, with loads of people out and about. Although Tana is now only at lycée for half the week and India’s collège is talking about the possibility of home-schooling so all may change…

It certainly is a year of change and crazy energy, which can feel scary at times. But in the words of my wonderful friend, Rozy Kalliabetsos (, who offers world service meditations:
ALL you have to do is MAKE A CHOICE ❤️ IN YOUR HEART ❤️
The rest is gifted to you depending on the choice you make.
NOT making a choice in and of itself is complying with giving your power away.
This makes YOU easily manipulated by F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real).
So I invite you to remember your POWER and CLAIM IT NOW.
How quickly YOU see it depends on the choice you make.
The walls of the old world ARE coming down and one REVELATION after the next is on its way.

Rozy’s meditations always come with the full and new moons and this October has gifted us three glorious moons. We love stargazing here as there is so little light pollution and the skies are often clear. So we had front row seats for the Harvest or Blood Moon, the Hunter’s Moon and a blue moon (second full moon), which you can see in the photo taken from our favourite viewpoint out the back of our house. 

Whether or not you believe in the power of the stars and moon, taking time to look up at the sky is a wonderful thing. Stargazing is a free, constantly-changing show that generates conversation and bonding. Thoughts clear and connection to nature strengthens. It fosters inspiration and imagination, alleviates stress and can even increase happiness. Job done.

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