Building fences

Busy bees at Happy Coulson this week. Our new workaway, Dave from Brooklyn NYC, is helping Chris put up the fences around the potager (veg patch) and chicken run. When that is finished, it will be all hands on deck to finish the concrete and tiles around the swimming pool so we can get the fence up and the outside shower built. It is wonderfully warm here now and summer is just around the corner so this has moved right up the priority list!

Our swarm

We were also joined by some real bees yesterday when a swarm appeared in our field. They hovered around a tree for a while before settling on a fence post near the orchard. There is an organic honey farm here in Lahitte so we presumed the bees had come from one of their hives. We had just decided to phone the farm the next day when a truck drove past piled high with hives.

Bee capture

We waved them down and told the two white-suited ladies about our swarm. They were very grateful and came this morning to leave a hive in the hope that all the bees will be in there by this evening. We can’t keep this hive but maybe one day…


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