The TroublamorsAnyone else thinking where on earth did June go? Here at Happy Coulson, it passed by in a flurry of pilgrims, weddings, music and bizarre weather.

First, a wedding with two brothers serenading their father and his new wife as they went into the ‘mairie’ (town hall) to get tie the knot. Formerly of the Troublamours, these guys are incredibly talented and all their friends either played an instrument, sang or danced. There followed a very special wedding, with live music all the way through, even when we danced around a bonfire to celebrate midsommer’s eve.

Debbie and Fred from Blues CaféMore music at the Larroque Festival, a great little festival which took place the same weekend as Glastonbury and suffered the same weather. The first time I have seen drizzle since moving to France but up the road they had hail the size of golf balls so I suppose we were lucky!

Rain stopped play for a couple of hours but resumed with a rocking reggae band. And some of the musicians from Blues Café serenaded the hardcore all-nighters in the beer tent.

We’ve had over 100 pilgrims already this year and are now entering full summer season. Now gearing up for our village fête, our neighbours’ wedding, the Tour de France and the Jazz in Marciac Festival. Vive l’été!


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