I rarely share my opinion as it’s just my opinion, based on what I have experienced and learned, and it can evolve or change at any moment, so why would I inflict it on others? But I am often asked so felt moved to write this blog. (Caveat: I am in no way looking for political, or otherwise, debate. Thank you xx).

I read and hear a lot about ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ (although I don’t like either of these labels as they sound to me judgemental and provocative). In my chosen community of Facebook friends, which includes a lot of yoga teachers and heart-led folk, many people are asking brave questions about what is happening in the world and wondering if there is a better way of doing things. This is never easy in a world shaped by habit, but I believe that constant review is a healthy practice that should be encouraged.

However, as with most things, the balance is sometimes lost. People with the kindest hearts and best intentions can become disappointed, disempowered and disillusioned, and resort to combative and hateful language and argument. For me, this approach never works and will often alienate sympathetic souls.

For what it’s worth, this is how I currently deal with what is going on in the world:

I choose to believe that people are intrinsically good.
I choose not to follow the news.
I choose not to get involved in debate.
I choose not to do things just because other people do, or because that’s the way it’s always been.
I choose never to judge or blame myself or others.
I choose never to be influenced by fear.
I choose to work on getting myself steady, using breath, yoga and meditation.
I choose to think less, and feel more.
I choose to neutralise, not dramatise (thank you, RozyGlow).
I choose to live each moment as it comes, untainted by regrets about the past or fear of the future.
I choose to feel into each situation as it arises.
I choose to practice listening to and trusting my instinct.
I choose to try every day to be my best self, forgiving and loving myself when I mess up.
I choose to be kind and compassionate. Always.
I choose to be grateful, every damn day.
I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.
I choose to be humble enough to admit when I need to let something go.
I choose to be open to possibilities, potential, even miracles.
I choose to do whatever I can to look after my health, inside and out, before searching elsewhere.
I choose to believe that happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life that takes practice.

Some people might think that this approach to life makes me naive, ignorant, even stupid, and that’s ok. What other people think of me is none of my business (thank you, RozyGlow) 😉

I’m sharing this because choosing these things makes me happy, even during these crazy times. Of course, I recognise that I am very fortunate to live where I do, with the people in my life and the opportunities available to me. But I do believe that it’s possible for everyone to choose to thrive instead of just survive.

So, DO I believe in conspiracy theories and WILL I have the vaccine? You are welcome to draw the conclusions of your own choosing 🙂 (Oh, did I not mention that I can also be really irritating?)

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