July 19 2022 was the ten-year anniversary of our move to France. While we were weighing up whether to risk such a big move, when we had such a good life in the UK, with jobs we loved, great friends and happy children, I came to a decision. Rather than working hard to save up for one lovely holiday (maybe two, if we were lucky) every year, what I really wanted was a life that felt like I was on holiday. All of the time.

Ten years on, and we still work hard, maybe even harder than ever before, but it really does feel like we’re on holiday. All of the time. Every time we look at the mountains. Every time the seasons change. Every time we meet our incredible tribe, or someone new, or find something else to explore. All of the time.

Ten years on also feels like a good point to pause this blog, which I started in order to share our exciting journey with friends and family. Before we even moved to France, we chose as our Happy Coulson motto: Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. After another summer filled with fêtes, fun and friends, and genuinely excited about getting back to our ‘normal’ life, we really are living our dream.

Maybe the Happy Coulson blog will be back one day. Maybe not.
Thank you for reading and joining us on our adventures.

Teenage daughters dancing at the Lahitte village fête

The whole tribe at the Lahitte Vintage Fête


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